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Bank of china

Bank of China

Bank of China, or Bank of China Limited in full, is one of China's four state-owned commercial banks. Its businesses comprise commercial banking, investment banking and insurance. Members of the group include BOC Hong Kong, BOC International, BOCG Insurance and other financial institutions. The Bank provides a comprehensive range of high-quality financial services to individual and corporate customers as well as financial institutions worldwide. In terms of tier one capital, it was ranked 18th among the world's top 1,000 banks by The Banker magazine in 2005.

Comparison of the procedure for opening an account with the Hong Kong Bank of China and domestic Bank of China:

Bank of China, HK Domestic Bank of China
Important Notice Please submit the following:
(1). Complete registration information
(2). Proof of address of directors
(3). Directors ID cards, pass or passport
Richful can help to make an appointment with one day's notice;
Allowed to conduct Internet Banking;
At least two directors must go to the bank.
The company can open an account after being established for one month, the limit in cash per day is US$10,000, Not allowed to conduct online banking.
Account Opening Activation Fee Search Fee HK$100;
Internet Banking Certificate : HK$132
Search Fee: RMB200
HK$800 must be deposited to open an account.
Transfer-In fees HK$20/T (if transfer-in is over HK$1000) NIL
Transfer-out fees HK$100 per 1,000 (if via internet banking)
HK$100 per 1,000 (if via Bank Counter)
Remittance amount + 1%(HK$50 - 80) + postal fee.
Cash withdrawal via Counter Service No fee to withdraw cash HK$ in cash : 1.5%
US$ in cash: 2.5%
Letter of Credit Application Fees Service charge is 0.5% per year of total LC + postal fee + admin charge plus:
(1). 0.25% if under US$50,000 per LC
(2). 0.125% if over US$50,000 per LC
Credit amount x 0.125% (if above US£50,000, x 0.625%) + postal fee.
BVI company accounts (1). Company Search fee: HK$3000
(2). Complete registration information
(3). Certificate of Incumbency
American company account Same as above NIL
British company accounts Same as above NIL
Bank management requirements NIL Fee of HK$50 per month, if less than HK$500 in one month
Hongkong Tel : +852-2537 7886 Add : 5/F Manulife Place, 348 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR