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Offshore banking

Opening a bank account is the next step after incorporating company.

The Hong Kong Government does not require enterprises to open a bank account, and businessmen can decide whether to do so depending on their actual circumstances. On request, Richful can assist customers with the opening of bank accounts.

Local accounts and offshore accounts: Local accounts are accounts opened by enterprises at local banks; offshore accounts are accounts opened by enterprises at banks in other locations, for example accounts opened by a Hong Kong enterprise in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Malaysia, the United States, etc., would be called offshore accounts.

Documents must be submitted when opening a bank account in HK:
1. Director(s) identity document (such as Passport)
2. Business Registration Certificate
3. Certificate of Incorporation
4. Government Record
5. Seal and stamp
6. True copies of the above documents under points 2 - 4 certified by professionals (Chartered Public Accountants / Lawyers)
Director(s) should go to the bank in person to sign the bank documents: Hong Kong banks generally require the directors (at least 2 if more than 2) to visit the bank in person to open an account. Account signatories or a company director (if from Mainland China you must hold a Chinese passport or travel permit) should bring company documents and related materials as mentioned above to open an account in Hong Kong or Macau.  
Our bank services:
Most RICHFUL customers who purchase an offshore company also need banking and investment services to enjoy the full benefits of going "offshore". RICHFUL provides a full range of banking and investment services through its affiliates in various countries.
We are able to handle the entire account opening process for you so you do not need to visit the bank or investment company in person. Depending on the bank selected, credit cards and/or debit cards are available, together with ATM cards, telephone banking and internet banking services.
We can assist you with offshore banking in Hong Kong, Europe, the Isle of Man, the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Caribbean and Central America.

Establishing an offshore bank account is not a simple matter and some offshore and international banks may take more than one month to open a bank account from receipt of the completed documents. Having determined your business objectives and personal requirements, our consultants would be happy to advise you on a suitable bank and bank account to meet your specific needs.


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