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FAQ of British company registration
[Q] How long does it take to register a British company?
[A] After paying the registration fees, the first step is to do a search for the company name and result will be ready in around 1 working day. Furthermore, it takes about 10 - 15 days to obtain a full set of files for the new company, including a Certificate of Registration, related documents and the company's seal, etc.

[Q] How much registered capital can a British company have?
[A] The standard registered capital is £1,000,000 and please advise if different when incorporation.

[Q] If I do not operate in Britain after registering a company, will I still be taxed?
[A] You do not pay any tax if the company didn't operate in Britain.  According to the provisions of the Inland Revenue Department, if the company does not have any operating profit or is a non-profit organisation, legally the company can be tax-free.

[Q] Are there any restrictions regarding names when registering a British company?
[A] There are some name restrictions and we will advise you upon we have your proposed company names. Some normal name still can be used, such as company, research institute, shop, factory, etc., as long as the name has not been registered by someone else.

[Q] What is the minimum number of directors which a British company must have?
[A] A British company can be registered with only one or more directors.

[Q] What do the directors need to do after confirming on register British company?
[A] Director(s) must sign all kinds of company documents. RICHFUL can provide services on preparing related documents, such as, to taking the meeting minutes for the first Board of Directors as well as other documents.

[Q] Who can apply to register a British company?
[A] Anyone who is 18 years old or above is eligible to apply for registration and can become a company director.

[Q] Which documents and data need to be submitted when registering a British company?
[A]  The following documents and information should be provided:
1. Certified True Copy of Passport and addresses proof (bank statements or utility bills within 3 months) of Proposed Director(s) and Member(s)
2. Signed agreement and data sheet between client and RICHFUL.
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