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Accounting Service

Tax is an issue that most of us have to face up to - whether dealing with company profits tax, or personal salaries tax. If not handled correctly, it can lead to a number of questions being raised and a considerable amount of a taxpayer's time and money being wasted.

Our main task is to reduce a taxpayer's tax liability as much as possible in line with the regulations that apply in this respect. We can also offer specialized Hong Kong tax plans in accordance with the specific arrangements and requirements of the customer. We work closely with customers to understand their requirements, and can offer an appropriate Hong Kong tax analysis, suggesting the various kinds of Hong Kong tax benefits that can be enjoyed to help customers to face up to their specific tax liabilities. By applying rigorous checks and procedures, for example when advising on making self-assessments, we can help customers to make the most of their tax situation in Hong Kong.

As a customer's tax representative, our services include:

- Working out and submitting customers' tax forms to the Hong Kong tax office.

- Providing individual tax planning and tax proposals for Hong Kong companies, thus saving unnecessary tax expenses by legal means.

- Helping customers to answer enquiries from the Hong Kong tax office.

- Dealing with on-the-spot verifications and tax investigations by the Hong Kong tax office, and assisting with relevant appeals on behalf of customers.

- Dealing  with employer matters with regard to declaring staff salaries and individual taxable items.

- Putting forward professional suggestions, in order to reduce the tax burden and stamp duty.

- Dealing with tax assessments forms for Hong Kong property tax.

- Handling personal deposit interest and tax levies.

- Deal with all lawsuits relating to Hong Kong tax.

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