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Company secretary service

When setting up in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda and the UK company, every company is required by law to have a company secretary. Company secretaries also work in many other types of organisations, such as charities, trade and professional associations, universities, local authorities and the health service. At the time of setting-up your company or at any time thereafter, RICHFUL can be appointed as your company secretary if required.

Our professional and experienced staff can provide company secretary services for your company. These include:

- Acting as the nominated company secretary of your company;
- Assisting and advising on the establishment of new companies overseas;
- Organising and witnessing required meetings of directors and shareholders alongside preparation of minutes;
- Advising you on the appropriate legal procedures to change the officers of the company, change shareholdings, amend the accounting reference dates, declare dividends, etc.;
- Advising you of directors' responsibilities;
- Maintaining your statutory registers (keeping the registers required by law);
- Maintaining your statutory minutes;
- Attending Board and General Meetings to advise you on procedures and to take minutes;
- Acting as the company's Registered Office (using its address as your company's registered office);
- Filing all necessary accounts, forms, returns and resolutions on public record at Company's House;
- Advising and assisting you with your tax compliance obligations;
- Giving guidance on compliance and the information which must be notified to the Registrar of Companies;
- Providing the documents (including notices and minutes) relating to the company's annual general meetings, directors' meetings and extraordinary general meetings;
- Reminding you, and/or your accountant, of the filing deadline for accounts;
- Issuing and transferring Subscriber Shares;
- Changing the company name;
- Changing the company's registered address;
- Share allotment;
- Applying for deregistration of a company;
- Dissolving the company;
- Assisting start-ups with all of the other aspects involved in starting a business;
- Amending the Articles of Association for taxation, practical or commercial reasons;
- Advising in relation to the legality of dividends.

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