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US Trademark Registration

Cost estimate for Trade Mark Applications in the USA
For one trade mark per class and for simple straightforward applications:
The prevailing exchange rate is USD 1 = HKD 7.8

I. SEARCH (Optional but recommended)
Availability search (One mark, one class):
a) On-line availability search: HK$3,500 (US$490)
b) Word search: HK$5,500 (US$710)
c) Logo search: HK$6,200 (US$800)

Multi-class search (each additional class of the same mark): HK$690 (US$90)
Fees consist of conducting the search at the Patent & Trade Mark Office, reviewing and reporting on the search results with advice on registration.
(Full U.S. and Canadian searches include USPTO database, common law, state, domain names, business directories, relevant trade journals, Internet searches)

(For one trademark, one class, Word Only ): HK$10,300 (US$1,320)
Multi-class applications: each additional class of the same mark: HK$10,300 (US$1,320)
Fees consists of preparing and handling the required Power of Attorney Document, filing the application and reporting on the status of filing particulars, acceptance and advertisement of the application (for opposition purposes), publication and registration fees, obtaining and forwarding the Certificate of Registration.
Validity: TEN years

III. MISCELLANEOUS (Additional service charges)
a) Statement of"Intend to Use": HK$4,550 (US$590)
Multi-class applications: each additional class of the same mark: HK$2,280 (US$300)
If the trademark is not yet used in the USA, it is necessary to prepare a Statement of Intend to Use. If the trademark is currently used in the USA in business activities, this fee can be eliminated.
(The fees consists of preparing the statement of Intend to Use, obtaining execution and filing the statement with the Patent and Trade Mark Office)
Note: Before obtaining the certificate, three specimens or photos of the marks on goods (for goods marks) or in advertisement literature (for service marks) should be submitted together with the first date used anywhere and in interstate or international commerce within half a year's time. The date can be the same.

b) Drafting, Amending and Filing Arguments
(Simple argument per case) HK$4,550 (US$590)
The argument fees may be adjusted based on the complexity of the case. A separate quotation will be issued for cases involving court proceedings.

c) Renewal
(for 10 years: Filing Renewal + Statement of Use; one mark one class): HK$10,300 (US$1,320)
The costs are applicable for each mark in each class. Specimens showing the mark actually used should be provided.
d) Change of Address/Name of Applicant: HK$3,000 - HK$4,600 (US$390 - US$598)
e) Assignment (for the first mark): HK$6,000 (US$770)
Each additional mark: HK$4,800 (US$615)
Preparing and executing the Assignment document. For Assignment without goodwill, additional advertising is required.

The process can take from almost one year to several years, depending whether legal issues arise during the examination of the application.

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