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Offshore company registration

Offshore company with nominee service, virtual office and bank account - Quick, easy, affordable

Offshore companies are the preferred company structure for achieving anonymity and privacy protection, keeping all business details confidential and combining all of this with limited liability and tax exemption. All companies we offer are fully legal and able to conduct their activities worldwide. It is a fact that today, although the costs for an offshore incorporation may be higher than those for registering a company in the US or the UK, the long-term benefits far outweigh this. Offshore companies do not have to pay sales tax or income tax. Due to the fact that there is no taxation, the authorities do not require any accounts to be maintained or auditing to be carried out. This means you save the costs of a CPA whilst at the same time gaining the highest level of privacy protection. Whether your company is dormant or generating millions in profit, you will still not be required to forward information.

The main advantages are:

- Anonymity
- Nominee services through lawyers
- Highest level of privacy protection
- Limited liability without any paid-up capital requirements
- Legal tax exemption
- No taxation on any kind of income
- No accounting requirements
- No reporting requirements
- No fees for accountants
- No auditing
- No requirements in terms of profession or financial standing
- Business can be conducted internationally
- And much more...

We offer to assist with the formation of offshore companies in all reputable jurisdictions. The information below shows the details of the prices for incorporation in each of the jurisdictions. There is also online order form. Although the costings for incorporating in different jurisdictions may vary greatly, this is not representative of the quality of service but rather of the authorities' incorporation costs.


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