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Marshall company registration

Marshall Islands Background
To set up an offshore company in Marshall Islands, you may benefits a very flexible, tax free structure, with few restrictions on the business that the company can engage in.

"True" bearer shares are allowed in the Marshall Islands and the only other jurisdictions providing "true" bearer shares are Antigua, Panama, Samoa and the Seychelles. "True" bearer shares are shares which can be held in your possession and do NOT have to be held at the Registered Office and declared by the owner.

The Marshall Islands has no tax information exchange treaties and refuses to cooperate with the OECD on information exchange.

The identity of directors and owners remains confidential and information does not have to be provided to either the Government or the public. No audited accounts or annual returns are required to the Government.

Marshall Islands Introduction

The Marshall Islands are located between Indonesia and Hawaii, and are the eastern-most island group in Micronesia. The Marshall Islands cover approximately 2 million sq. km in the Central Pacific Ocean, comprising two 1,280 km-long parallel chains of atolls and volcanic islands separated by 179 km of sea. The islands have a population of just over 43,000, and most of whom live in the capital Majuro. An important industry is large-scale commercial fishing. Japanese fishermen, who are licensed to fish in Marshallese waters, haul in over 40 million pounds of tuna and billfish each year. The export of coconuts (copra) is another important economic sector.

The official languages are Marshallese and English.

Law and Taxation

Common Law based on Anglo/American Common Law.

All Non-Resident corporations are exempt from taxes.

Corporate Requirements

There must be at least one shareholder, who can be a person or a company of any nationality.

There must be at least one director, who can be a person or a company of any nationality.

A secretary is also a must, who can be a person or a company of any nationality.

Marshall Islands law requires that a Registered Office be maintained in the Marshall Islands and this is included in our fees.

Company names cannot be the same or too similar to names that have already been registered by other companies. Also company must apply authorization separately if using following words: bank, chartered, establishment, foundation, insurance, partnership or trust.

Local Infrastructure

The main advantages for companies established in the Marshall Islands include:
1. One of the few jurisdictions in which an offshore company can be made public; it can raise capital from the public;
2. It can carry out limited third-party trading of securities;
3. Act as an investment advisor; it can invest funds for other people, etc;
4. It can carry out virtually any legal business activity, except banking, insurance, trust activities and online gaming.

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